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Welcome to Goodnough Safety Cultures!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Thank you for visiting my blog and joining our community! I am extremely excited to share this forum to help generate inspiration through information, positive reinforcement, and devoted partnerships driven to get all our safety cultures to a championship level.

We will be exploring topics that address everything your safety environments touch. From your programs to your training, how we promote and reward for safety, to identifying problem areas and discussing ways to correct these issues. Through open and personal discussion, we are going to grow our culture community offering the support and motivation we all will need when facing the challenges ahead.

“The main objective of any safety culture is to allow the actions, attitude, and accomplishments of every team member to voice the gravity of safety and how it relates to our everyday lives”.

Bruce Goodnough - The Human Side of Safety Cultures

Were it all began

As the son of an Air Force Father growing up in a military family in North Las Vegas Nevada I developed a strong work ethic at an early age. I got my first job when I was fourteen helping paint the apartments we were living in. My Mom signed a waver so I could legally work (and get taxed!) and that summer job sparked something inside of me that I never lost.

Through the years and working experiences, being a leader came naturally and wanting to inspire and motivate people became a passion, one that would grow and carry with me all the way up to the day I decided to author my book "The Human Side of Safety Culture". I want to devote this desire to helping change the safety mindsets of the everyday working force, putting focus on the personal side of safety and how safety cultures have become such an imperative part of the success and wellbeing of every business. I will be sharing stories, experiences, difficulties, and successes to pull back the curtain and get an honest and matter of fact look at why safety cultures are more vital to the development of our teams now more than ever.

I will be posting more blogs in the future and want to invite you all to share your experiences and stories as we start this journey together. Thank you for joining and I look forward to our future safety culture successes.

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