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My name is Bruce Goodnough, founder of Goodnough Safety Cultures.
I want to thank you for visiting our page and taking the first step towards creating a
World Class Safety Culture and changing the mindset of safety for you and your teams.

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Picture by Dave Fuller @fullerimages

There is nothing more vital to our businesses and organizations then the people who walk through our doors committed to our success and longevity. These individuals are the heartbeat of our teams and making sure that each one of them gets back home to their loved ones every day is a commitment we must never neglect or second guess.

Our sole mission is providing you the guidance, mentoring, and motivation you need to start making safety personal and advancing the way you think about your cultures. We want to transform the mindset of safety at every level of your organization, inspiring you and your teams to embrace this life changing commitment to ourselves, our fellow employees, and our families. 

I have taken the experiences and knowledge I have gained in my 20 years of management, coaching, and safety leadership and created Goodnough Safety Cultures, along with my book "The Human Side of Safety Culture." My ambition is to share my devotion and desire for safety and to present the power in strong, resolute, and vibrant safety cultures. I want to work together with you and your teams to provide the inspiration and motivation you need to promote change, build back bridges, and create an atmosphere of belonging and longevity that encourages buy in and commitment. When you put pride and dedication into the health and well-being of the people you are privileged enough to call team, you are creating a life changing safety mindset that will guide you, and everyone in your work family to the optimal opportunity to return home safely. 




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